Your roof is an integral part of your home's security. Damaged or missing shingles are a sign that your roof may need replacement. We suggest that each spring and fall you take the time to inspect your roof and eavestrough. This will allow you to clean out your gutters and foresee any problem areas where potential leaks can develop.

We carry top quality roofing products from trusted suppliers such as IKO. We provide our customers the perfect asphalt roofing shingles in one of IKO’s four collections: Premium, Performance, Architectural or Traditional. For beautiful protection that’s engineered to last.

Increased curb appeal, superior protection from the elements, maintenance free, and better for the environment make it the wise choice for your home.

IKO Residential Roofing Shingles


Beautiful. Distinctive. Unique. The three premium roofing shingles in this line mimic the look of natural slate tiles or cedar shakes without their associated maintenance worries and cost. IKO Armourshake, Crowne Slate and Royal Estate all deliver the ultimate in weather protection for estate homes and other high-caliber properties.


When it comes to performance, IKO Dynasty and IKO Cambridge IR laminated asphalt shingles are truly in a class by themselves. They’re fortified with ArmourZone – a special reinforcing band that minimizes nail pull-through to maximize protection against wind uplift, water penetration and other severe weather conditions.

Available in unique color blends and in IKO’s special Advantage size, these roofing shingles have a large exposure, high-definition profile and dimensional thickness that make them a popular choice among homeowners and deliver the best overall value for contractors.


IKO’s architectural roofing shingles provide superior weather protection and boost curb appeal for homes throughout the U.S. and Canada. Cambridge is IKO’s most popular asphalt shingle. Available in a full range of colors and in Cool Colors for select markets.

Traditional 3-Tab

IKO’s 3-tab asphalt roofing shingles have stood the test of time. They remain a popular, affordable choice for those who seek weather protection and a huge selection of beautiful colors to complement their home. Marathon shingles are manufactured with IKO’s computer-controlled technology for consistent size and shape.